Jul. 28th, 2017

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on which for more than an hour after 5 p.m. the FM radio dial at the cottage was chock full of stations from places in Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas, and one in Spanish that as far as I can tell was possibly coming from Las Vegas or Mexico City. I mean, there was at least one, often more than one competing, on almost every frequency.

And then when I got home I watched a katydid do its buzzy thing. I don't think I'd ever seen one do that before. Katydids have been eating hibiscus flowers on the porch for the last few weeks.

There were indigo buntings nesting nearby, but I think they're gone now. A couple of months ago the first bluebird I'd ever seen showed up outside my front window.

So, there's that.

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Confirmed locations I was getting FM radio signals from yesterday:

There was also one apparently coming from somewhere around Atlanta and another apparently coming from Jacksonville, Texas ... and the Spanish one that may have been coming from Mexico City, although that seems highly unlikely (but given the spread on the map there, probably more likely than Vegas). [ETA: actually, on further review, it seems pretty likely that it was Mega 99.3 from White Oak, Texas.] Plus a bunch of NPR stations at the bottom of the dial, and a whole lot of others all the way up and down, from who-knows-where.

Two things I have learned today: (1) yesterday's radio craziness was probably due to tropospheric ducting ... and I was getting signals from distances greater than a lot of the notable examples listed there. Given that today's NWS maps have a stationary front still stretching from northeast Texas through DC out toward Nova Scotia, maybe it'll be going on again today. (2) Third-party picture hosting on photobucket has gone from being free to $400/year (ETA: except that this only seems to be the case for one of my two photobuckets, so ... ???) ... but you can (or at least with my paid account I can) have up to 500 MB of pics hosted directly on dreamwidth.

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