Nov. 24th, 2016

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So, back at the end of June, when I was drawing up a crude categorization of rights and lefts in the world today, one of my four categories was "a conservative left (which may be a largely empty category in public political discourse, but probably not so much in pub political discourse) that supports limits on national sovereignty over mobility of neither people nor money". Whether or not this actually describes Donald Trump (*blows out brains*), it maybe is a pretty good description of Steve Bannon:

Steve is not a deeply principled guy on politics; it’s not like he’s coming in with this ramrod agenda. He’s coming in and he’s talking about big government spending. He’s talking about trillion-dollar infrastructure packages. If you had to peg Steve down on ideology or philosophy, you’d say he’s sort of like a European far-right leader. He’s more like Marine Le Pen or Nigel Farage than he is like a constitutional conservative. He doesn’t like constitutional conservatism; he thinks that it’s an obstacle in the way of building this new Third Way movement, this independent political movement that is focused on heavy spending--even some redistribution inside the country--but closed borders and tariffs for everybody outside.

(Well, I did start saying way back, it's like someone gave that guy from the pub billions of dollars and now he's running for president.)

Elsewhere in the cuckoo clock we're living in, "How conservative Angela Merkel became a champion of the left". A lot of Americans, anyway, could learn something from her about what an actual Christian conservative looks like.
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