Apr. 17th, 2016

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Currently at Havelock: 22.1. High today: 23.1.

You know what day yesterday was? The day that people say "spring has finally arrived!", and mean that it's the first summer-like day of spring. I wonder why you get that in the spring, but not the opposite in the fall. I.e., no one says "fall has finally arrived!" when it's the first winter-like day of fall. (Which reminds me that a thought that crossed my mind while I was out planting turnips and stuff today was that if you wanted to teach a "critical thinking" course worth a damn it'd be mostly about cognitive biases. Which somehow seems more like it would get people to criticize their own thinking (rather than giving them debate-club weapons like "affirming the consequent" and all that). But then I'm just a self-hating philosophizer (and another thing I was thinking about out there was how easy it is to confuse "x ought not to be illegal" with "x is just fine and dandy".) Today was the day that the wildflowers started blooming around here--trout lilies and bloodroot and hepatica, just one of each that I saw. Going to go have a look around the cottage tomorrow and see if the spring beauties are out. Today is also one of those days that I think I ought to move to the city to get some peace and quiet.
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